In case you haven’t seen it…

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I’m starting a new feature on the blog called, you guessed it! “In case you haven’t seen it…”. This feature will be the review of a movie that’s been in the theaters for a while, just came out in blue-ray or is an old classic worth seeing.

I’ll be reviewing at least one movie monthly, BUT I will be happy to post a tasteful review that is submitted to me whether I agree with it or not. Submit anytime by email to and now the review (SPOILERS!).

Sing – Illumination Entertainment, Animated Feature. Starring Mathew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth McFarlane. Directed by Christophe Lourdelet and Garth Jennings. 1 hr 48 min.

The truth is, you’ve seen this movie before; the story has been done dozens of times. A group of characters with hidden talent are offered the chance of a lifetime. If they can just believe in themselves they can make it big! This fact makes Sing predictable, but the story is told so well with humor, on-point animation and voice acting that you get wrapped up in it. The great singing and music are cherries on top of this delicious sundae.

Buster Moon (voiced by McConaughey) is a koala with a problem even his positive attitude can’t solve. He’s desperate to save his theater from foreclosure.  But once he has the bright idea of holding a singing competition all his troubles are behind him right? Wrong. A clerical error results in him advertising a $100,000 prize when he has only $1,000 to his name.

After cute and funny audition scene, Buster uses his talent scouting skills to select the best out of the group including An unappreciated house-pig named Rosita (Witherspoon), a rat pack style mouse named Mike (McFarlane), an angst-filled teen aged porcupine named Ash (Scarlett Johansson) and a criminal-in-training young gorilla named Johnny (Taron Egerton). A shy elephant by the name of Meena (Tori Kelley) and an over-the-top pig  named Gunter (Nick Kroll) round out the group.

Each character has their own reason to sing, their own story. Even though you seen these stories before and have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen, each story is fun to watch and entertaining. McConaughey shows incredible acting range by voicing Buster. The singing performances by other actors like Witherspoon and Johansson will make you think “they must have got a stand-in for them” but NOPE, they did the singing themselves. Performances of songs like I’m Still Standing, Shake it Off and Set It All Free are well-done.

All told, this is a good entertaining movie and I recommend it highly. Join in the conversation and tell us what you think about the movie below.


Okay folks, it’s time for another appeal. Lately this blog and my Facebook page have been about me, me, me. I want to talk about you guys for a change.

If you’re any kind of a storyteller (writer, song writer, film maker, etc) tell us something about a project you’ve done or one you’re working on. Share a sample, express yourself.

You can post details here, at my Facebook page (Click HERE), or send it to me directly ( We would LOVE to see what you have going on!

Charlotte: POV – Another Review

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There has been another review of Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance. Le Tara Moore (no relation, I swear!) Was good enough to read the novella and write an in-depth review at her blog site “Le Tara Writes Book Reviews”. My favorite part is when she says:

” Seeing the evolution of Charlotte from the beginning to the end of her mission avenge Carol Ann was fun and a bit empowering.”

Which tells me that at least with this reader, I accomplished my mission in writing the story.  Check out the full review HERE.

While you’re at it I suggest you check out Le Tara’s creative writing blog, “Life in a Few Words”.  Fans of insightful poetry will enjoy this page.

Don’t forget to comment below!

Public Reading of Charlotte II

This is a message to the tens and tens of people reading this blog! The Hampton Roads Writers Meetup group of Virginia will be hosting and event called “Show & Grow” this month.  Show & Grow is an event where promising writers get to read some of their work in a public forum and get critiqued by a professional in the business. Guess who’s going to be one of the readers there?

That’s right! I will be one of four writers reading some our latest efforts at this event.  The S&G will be held at Gus and Georges’ Spaghetti and Steak House in VA Beach on Thursday January 19th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. All of the details are HERE. If you will be in the Hampton Roads area that evening, please consider stopping by and giving support. Three other writers will be contributing and the work presented at these events is always interesting.

This is a drinks-dinner-reading event and you buy your own food but if you just want to come for the readings, show up just before 7:00 pm.  I hope to see you there!

Charlotte II Progress

Hey everybody!

I have been fielding a lot of questions lately on how the second Charlotte book is coming so I am providing this update:  the work goes slowly.

Between family health issues, church work, the holidays and having a regular job, the demand on time is formidable.  Also, procrastination is an easy temptation.  I have been able to do some work though and here it is below.  Please, I need input from you guys to make this work better.  Thanks!

Scene: The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t There

Wednesday evening arrives with Beau and me getting ready to receive Michael and his girl. Beau is putting the finishing touches on his tie while asking me questions I can’t answer. 

“What did he say her name was again?” 

“He didn’t.” 

“Did they meet at the college?” 

“He didn’t say.” 

Beau finishes with his tie and turns from the mirror to make eye contact.  “Did he actually say he’s bringing a girl, or is this all in your head?” 

At this point I’m putting on eye liner and mascara. It’s tough to do this and talk at the same time but I have a black belt in make-up.  “He said it was ‘face-to-face’ kind of news, what else could it be?” 

“About a million other things.  Hell, for all you know he could be bringing home a St. Bernard.” 

By now I’m up to eye shadow. “Hmm, St. Bernard.  Sounds like a nice Catholic girl.”  Continue reading Charlotte II Progress

Charlotte: POV Gets Reviewed

Soon after I decided to Make Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance available again, I was contacted by an avid reader by the name of Nici Zalliski who wrote a review and posted it at her blog site. Here’s part of it:

Overall rating: 9 of 10

In summary, Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance by James Moore is a great read, well worth the time. At 126 pages in length some readers my find this to be a short novel at first glance. However, with the lack of unnecessary filler, and annoying repetition, the concept is sound, and the reader is well entertained throughout the books entirety. If you’re looking for a next great read, I would highly recommend this book.

As far as I can tell, James Moore is already working on a sequel, and I can not wait.

You can check out the complete review for yourself HERE.

After you read the review, I highly recommend you check out the rest of Nici’s site. Reviews of other works are available in addition to her own writings. Keep an eye on that site for quality reading recommendations!

Don’t forget, you can enjoy reading Charlotte: POV after downloading the book from this site:


The Second Coming

Major Announcement!

In an effort to promote my three-story Charlotte novel currently in development, I am making story number one Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance available to the public ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That’s right. For a limited time Charlotte: POV will be available at for free download. Available formats include MOBI (Kindle), epub and PDF.

Download your copy using THIS LINK.

This offer will end without notice but I can promise that it will be available at least until Christmas Day 2016. Enjoy!