Movie Project: Alesha

Greetings all!

I know it’s been awhile but I hope this post will be worth it. Remember that casting call from the last post? Well, the cast is set! The first cast meeting for the film Alesha will be held today.  The story? A Sci-fi tale where an Alexa-type virtual assistant becomes flesh and blood, complicating (maybe threatening?) a young man’s life. Here are the actors who made the cut:

B_Cherie Patterson

Nathaniel Barton

Matthew Feldhaus

Makaila Jones

We’re shooting next month and anticipate release in August, just in time for film festivals. Keep an eye out!



Another movie project is born!

We have a need for acting talent and production assistants. Whether you’ve been acting your entire life, or if you just want to join in the fun of filmmaking, we encourage you to come and read for one of three parts in our movie.

Two roles call for a female in her mid twenties to early thirties. Average height. Medium or athletic build. Attractive but not glamorous. No piercings or tattoos visible to the camera. The third role calls for a male in his mid twenties to early thirties. Average height, medium build. Average or slightly gritty looking. Keep in mind, production assistants are also needed.

We’re putting together a 15 to 20 minute short Sci-Fi movie. This is an opportunity to add to your demo reel and earn acting credit on IMDB. This is an independent, non-union project. No pay, but refreshments will be served. We’re just a bunch of storytelling geeks out to have fun making a movie.

There will be a reading for the parts Saturday, June 22nd and we film Saturday, July 13th. Details on time and location to come. Any interested actors or production assistants should contact me through this site or email at JEMOORE451@GMAIL.COM. Looking forward to working with you!

Podcast: Judging More Than Just The Cover

If you’re a loyal follower, you know that I am part of a podcast team associated with the Judging More Than Just The Cover blog. This podcast is dedicated to the review and analysis of popular novels with strong female lead characters.

Hot off the press! The latest edition of the podcast has been released. This month we take a look at Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins. It’s an engaging story about a fictitious 1970’s rock band. Amber Gregg (podcast creator), Kate Ota and I pull this book apart. Check out what we discovered HERE, or search “Judging More Than Just The Cover” in your favorite podcast app. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Ever Heard Of…?

While my wife Donna and I were watching TV last Sunday, we found out about a site called Wattpad. Ever heard of it? Here’s a quick breakdown on how Wattpad is a service to readers and writers:

Readers get access to hundreds books and stories written by amateur authors. Some are free and some are purchased. What makes this site unique is that in addition to finished works, you get to read books that are in progress. Writers publish their stories one “part” at a time. Readers can give direct feedback to the author on each published part.

Writers get access to a word processing program that allows them to publish stories and build a following of readers one chapter at a time. You even have the option of  designating what you write as copyrighted material. The author gets the benefit of feedback from their readership as they complete their work.

I’m giving this site a chance as both an author and a reader. Two stories I have available are Hero Of Mine (HOM) and Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance.

Click on the titles and check them out. I need your feedback! Updates every Sunday until the stories are complete. Also, let me know what you think of the site in general. I’m especially interested to know if you are a writer and decide to use the site. Tell me about your experience. Thanks!

Lights, Camera…

Well folks, it’s finally happened. I have written a screenplay that’s been turned into a movie!

That’s right a movie. Now before you rush off to IMDB or Fandango, understand that this movie is a seven-minute short. After joining a local filmmakers Meetup group, I shook hands with Charles Townsend a man who has a shared interest in moviemaking. He has the experience and the equipment and I have the script.  A short conversation later, and we’ve scheduled a date and time to shoot a simple screenplay.

The name of the story is Park Bench and you can read the script HERE. When the actual movie comes out, you’ll see that the actors went off script often. They did not have much time to memorize the lines so we explained that we weren’t looking for a word-for-word performance but just to get the emotion across. Keep an eye on this blog to find out when the finished product has been uploaded to YouTube. The current schedule says we’ll be done before month’s end.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about the script as written. Feedback is a writer’s currency!

Podcast Post

Storyteller Enterprises has been invited to participate in a podcast maintained by the creator of the Judging More Than Just The Cover website.

Each month the members of the podcast (Amber Gregg, Kate Ota, and James Moore) participate in  “in-depth book reviews and book discussions for fiction with strong leading women characters. Our chats cover all genres such as historical fiction, psychological thrillers, young adult, contemporary fiction, suspense, and more.”

Check out the podcast at


Hey everyone! Now that I’m involved with a film production group, I’ll be sending out casting calls every once in a while. If you’re and actor or know some actors please look out for these notices and spread the word far and wide.

We have a project needing two actors. One for a young woman who can play someone 19 to 22. the other part is for her father. We need a man who can play someone in his late 40s or early 50s. No pay and non-union but great lines. something you can put on a demo reel. If you’re in the Hampton Roads Virginia area, send your headshot and info to me at Thanks!