Charlotte’s Dream

I’m at the point in Charlotte Book II where she describes a recurring dream.  What do you think it means for her?


I’m having the dream again.

Mountain pines are all around, and the snow is knee-deep.  The sun is behind me, and has just cleared the horizon.  There’s a slight breeze in my face as I take slow, measured steps through the trees.  Visibility is unlimited and my Browning rifle is slung over my right shoulder.  The thick layer of snow deadens all sound as I stalk through this frozen terrain. The eerie silence forces me to concentrate on my breathing and heartbeat.  It’s easy to imagine I’m the only human being on Earth.  Conditions are perfect for hunting.

All of a sudden, I notice movement about a hundred and twenty yards ahead and to the left. I turn slightly to see a huge gray wolf caught in a snare.  It looks like he’s given up trying to escape and is lying in the snow with one paw hung up in the wire.  I un-sling my rifle and place the butt tightly against my right shoulder.  As I look through the scope and setup the shot, he looks directly at me.  I look into his defiant yellow eyes, and position the cross-hairs right between them.  We both know I’ll be putting him out of his misery.  I hold my breath and slowly start to squeeze the trigger.  I’m expecting to feel the recoil of the rifle when I hear a familiar voice in my head.

“Charlotte, darlin’… Wake up.  Charlotte wake up!”

Do you know that middle area where you’re still dreaming but reality is mounting its invasion?  That’s where I am right now.  The voice dragging me back to real life belongs to my husband Beau.  The interruption seems harsh and I resist the inevitable.  One last jolt brings me all the way back.


“Hunh, wha?”

Beau’s head crashes back onto his pillow.  A sleepy, irked voice reaches me from the other side of the bed.  “You were doing it again.”

For the past month my sleep has been fitful and restless.  The tossing and turning has woken Beau more than once.  I take a look at my electric alarm clock to see that it’s just past three in the morning.  Beau and I both have to get up in a few hours.  My dear husband sets aside his irritation long enough to check on me.

“Same dream?”


“Wanna talk about it?”

We’ve talked through this dream a half dozen times by now.  Once more probably won’t make a difference. “No darlin’. You just go back to sleep”

Beau rolls over.  His voice is muffled by his pillow when he speaks again.  “Same to you.  It’s a big day tomorrow.”

He’s right.  Tomorrow I’ll be an official licensed private detective for several states including North Carolina.  All the excuses will be gone.


Facebook campaign

Well, I’ve just ended a Facebook campaign to promote Charlotte Book I.  According to the stats thousands of people viewed the post and hundreds clicked the link.  A few people even liked this blog page, but there were no additional book sales.

Anyone else out there use a Facebook promo? What was your experience?

The begining of Book 2

I shook off some procrastination and got the first page and a half of Book 2 done.  This is a bigger deal than you think!

Take a look and comment:

“Don’t hit that tree! Beth, you’re going to get us both killed!”


As I bounce around on the passenger-side of the Jeep, my partner Beth is in the driver’s seat with a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel.  The local scenery is whizzing past us at terrifying speed.  Beth has the expression and determination of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco.  Just before we slam into a pine tree she jerks the wheel to the left enough to avoid collision but not roll the vehicle.


“You wouldn’t take the wheel Charlotte so don’t complain about my driving!  Don’t worry either, we won’t lose him.”


We’re barreling down a tree-covered hillside risking life and limb to catch the blue Range Rover thirty yards ahead of us.  We’ve got to get that driver.  He’s also important to the guys in the jeep fifty yards behind us.  My real worry is that we’re going to end up in a ball of twisted metal at the bottom of this hill.


“Did we lose the guys in back Charlotte?”


I manage to turn my head and see a cloud of dust with a forest green Jeep in front of it, “Still coming.  Did we lose the guy in front?”


Beth dodges trees and squints through the windshield at the same time. “I can’t see the car but he raised a lot of dust.  I think he took a turn, hang on!”


Like I have a choice right?  We hit a bump that gets us airborne for a couple of seconds.  After we land, Beth makes a hard right onto what almost looks like a road.  We’re now heading slightly uphill.


Beth is starting to see a finish line in her head.  “We can make up some distance on this trail, I’m gonna punch it!”


Beth floors the gas and when we hit the top of the rise we immediately notice the trail ends twenty yards ahead in the form of a cliff!  In that split-second Beth and I look at each other.  How did I let her get me in this mess?

Book 2

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the first book and each person asks when the next one will be done.

Right now I’m in a vital stage of writing book 2: procrastination! Man, I really need to get started!