Charlotte II Progress

Hey everybody!

I have been fielding a lot of questions lately on how the second Charlotte book is coming so I am providing this update:  the work goes slowly.

Between family health issues, church work, the holidays and having a regular job, the demand on time is formidable.  Also, procrastination is an easy temptation.  I have been able to do some work though and here it is below.  Please, I need input from you guys to make this work better.  Thanks!

Scene: The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t There

Wednesday evening arrives with Beau and me getting ready to receive Michael and his girl. Beau is putting the finishing touches on his tie while asking me questions I can’t answer. 

“What did he say her name was again?” 

“He didn’t.” 

“Did they meet at the college?” 

“He didn’t say.” 

Beau finishes with his tie and turns from the mirror to make eye contact.  “Did he actually say he’s bringing a girl, or is this all in your head?” 

At this point I’m putting on eye liner and mascara. It’s tough to do this and talk at the same time but I have a black belt in make-up.  “He said it was ‘face-to-face’ kind of news, what else could it be?” 

“About a million other things.  Hell, for all you know he could be bringing home a St. Bernard.” 

By now I’m up to eye shadow. “Hmm, St. Bernard.  Sounds like a nice Catholic girl.”  Continue reading Charlotte II Progress