Speaking of screenplays…

I am also working with an online group of animators on one to two minute long projects.  They’re works in Minecraft so the script calls for no speech or dialog. I found it an exciting challenge as a writer.  Here is my first effort:


By James Moore

Main Characters:

  • Burglar
  • Kitty Cat


First scene: Breaking In

Fade in to exterior of a large three-story home at night.  Everyone who lives there must be asleep.  A masked burglar dashes across the lawn to run around to the back of the house. He’s dressed in all black.  We follow him to see him duck under a back window. He takes a flash light and a crowbar out of a large black bag he is carrying. Just before he uses the crowbar to pry open the window, he notices a sign near one of the bushes. He turns on his flash light to read it and sees




He scoffs at the sign and proceeds to pry open the window.

 Second Scene: Inside

From inside the house we see the burglar prying open the window, taking care to do it as quietly as possible. After the window is open he climbs in awkwardly and ends up snagging his leg on the window, falling into the house. He lands face down.

 We see a close up as he slowly lifts his head to find himself face-to-face with a cute, cuddly kitty cat. The cat runs up to the burglar and uses a clawed paw to slash his nose. There is a muffled cry of pain from the burglar and the cat takes off running out of the room.

 Third Scene: The Chase

Camera is outside the room in the hallway. The cat comes running out followed closely by the burglar. The burglar chases the cat down the hall. The cat turns left during the chase and ducks behind a partially opened closet door. The burglar gets to the door and stops. He places a hand on the doorknob and prepares to pull it open to get to the cat. He yanks the door open in one quick move. He’s then hit in the face with a spring-loaded bowling ball. The impact knocks him unconscious. The kitty cat scampers out of the closet and climbs up on the unconscious burglar’s chest in victory.


Published by

James Moore

A beginner Storyteller

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